9871 Seeboden am Millstätter See, Seestraße 4+6
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Leisure Time


Experience pure holiday joy ...

The Millstätter See is ideal to plunge, swim, dive, water ski and surf. Seeboden with wide, blooming meadows in the center of the area, offers special holiday flair. The Nockberge invite you for walks/hikes. The 33-kilometer long cycling track along the lake has recently been completed.
So, off you go! Heart, what more can you want!

Seeboden offers something
for every taste.


Experience Milstätter See

The region Milstätter See is the backdrop where different events provide excitement, fun and adventure. The historical festivals like the ‘Salamanca Fest’ in Spittal, the ‘Kaiser Fest’ in Millstatt, or the ‘Ritterspiele’ on Burg Sommeregg, give evidence of the tradition of the Millstätter See region.
We wish you a lot of fun on and in the lake.